About Us

Meet the Team : COO

Our Chief Operating Officer, Katie Walton, is at the vanguard of our mission, steering Squared Up Consulting towards delivering unparalleled roofing solutions nationwide. Under her leadership, our unwavering commitment to excellence is embedded in every facet of our operations, ensuring that we always meet and exceed the expectations of those we serve.

Meet the Team : Regional Director

With our Regional Director, Robert Bowen, we’ve established a robust presence in vital regions, including UT, CO, OK, TX, MO, LA, OH, TN, IN, PA, NJ, and NY. Equipped with the guidance of our seasoned leadership team, make Squared Up Consulting your trusted partner in safeguarding your property. Our expert care and precision are unmatched, ensuring your peace of mind in property protection.

Meet the Team : Catastrophe Director

As our Catastrophe Director, Andy Sikora plays a pivotal role in overseeing Squared Up Consulting’s national operations, guaranteeing a rapid response and unwavering support in the face of unforeseen events across the US. With Andy overseeing these operations, we’re always prepared to meet challenges head-on, providing expert assistance when it’s needed most.