Expert Inspections Tailored to You

Our Services

Explore our comprehensive roofing services at Squared Up Consulting, designed to meet your specific needs. Our skilled technicians, all HAAG certified and insured,
prioritize safety, efficiency, and client satisfaction. From Ladder Assist to Board Up, we have you covered with a range of specialized services.

Ladder Assist: Climbing to New Heights

Our Ladder Assist service ensures a safe and efficient examination of roofs,
enabling accurate assessments for insurance claims. Trust our certified
for reliable, expert assistance.

Direct and Interior Inspections: Precision in Evaluation

Squared Up Consulting offers Direct and Interior Inspections, employing cutting-edge techniques to provide thorough assessments of your property.

Measurements and Estimates: Precision Planning

Ensure precise planning with our Measurements and Estimates services. Our
technicians employ advanced tools and techniques to provide accurate
measurements and detailed estimates for your roofing projects.

Scopes and Photo Reports: Visual Insights

Benefit from our Scopes and Photo Reports, providing comprehensive visual insights into your roofing needs. Our detailed reports aid in decision-making and streamline the insurance claims process.

Boom Lifts: Reaching New Heights Safely

Squared Up Consulting’s Boom Lifts service ensures safe access to elevated areas, facilitating efficient roof inspections and repairs. Trust our skilled technicians to handle projects with precision.

Tarp and Board Up: Immediate Solutions

In times of urgency, rely on our Tarp and Board Up services. Our technicians swiftly provide on-the-spot solutions, safeguarding your property from further damage.

Technician Requirements: Safety and Expertise

Our HAAG Certified and Insured Technicians are the backbone of our services. Background-checked for your peace of mind, they arrive equipped with ladders, climbing gear, and temporary water-shedding products, ensuring safety and immediate solutions.